The Way of Testivus – Unit Testing Wisdom From An Ancient Software Start-up

by Alberto Savoia Early one morning, a programmer asked the great master: “I am ready to write some unit tests. What code coverage should I aim for?” The great master replied: “Don’t worry about coverage, just write some good tests.” The programmer smiled, bowed, and left. … Later that day, a second programmer asked the […]


What is 3D Secure (aka 3DS)? The 3 Domain Secure (3DS) standard provides an additional layer of protection in card-not-present credit card transactions for the three domains involved: Issuer domain of the card issuing bank, the Interoperability domain of the card scheme’s infrastructure and the Acquirer domain of the merchants. The standard was originally designed by […]

The Five Dreyfus Model Stages

In the 1970s, the brothers Dreyfus (Hubert and Stuart) began doing their seminal research on how people attain and master skills. The following are the five stages on the journey from novice to expert. Novices (or beginners) Novices, by definition, have little or no previous experience in this skill area. By “experience,” I mean specifically […]