Getting early feedback applying Test-Driven Development

Test-Driven Development (TDD) is one of the Extreme Programming (XP) core practices, re-discovered[1] in 2003 by Kent Beck, that relies on very short feedback loops: you write the test (expectation), make it fail, write the minimum amount of code to make it pass (redundancy is accepted at this point). Write a new test, it fails, make it pass… keep running […]

Kotlin: Statically typed programming language for the JVM, Android and browser

Hello! I’m writing these series of articles as I learn the language – My plan is to cover some aspects like: what, why, pros, cons, highlights on the language reference, functions / lambdas and some practical examples using spring boot. So lets start from the basic in this first post (sorry, no code at this time). What is […]

Concurrency can be Groovy!

Groovy parallel processing akka Gpars What is? Gpars is a concurrency & parallelism framework for Groovy and Java led by Vaclav Pech which performed so good that was introduced to Groovy 2.0.1 (gpars_1.0) providing abstraction like: Code-level helpers – Constructs that can be applied to small parts of your code-base, such as an individual algorithms or data structure […]

[softskill ahead] The Ladder of Inference

… using this technique you might learn to get back to the facts and use your beliefs and experiences to positive effect, rather than allowing them to blind your field of judgment… Today’s fast-moving world we are under pressure to act now instead of spend time reasoning things and thinking about the true facts. Have you ever made “obvious” conclusions […]