Curry and Groovy

No, this is not about a dish originating in the cuisine of the Indian Subcontinent. It’s about Groovy Closures. Yeah, science! Currying is the Groovy’s partial function application making clones of functions, fixing values for some of the parameters and producing new functions with smaller arity* – in other words: new function accepting less argument(s). It’s possible to fix one or more parameters […]

Concurrency can be Groovy!

Groovy parallel processing akka Gpars What is? Gpars is a concurrency & parallelism framework for Groovy and Java led by Vaclav Pech which performed so good that was introduced to Groovy 2.0.1 (gpars_1.0) providing abstraction like: Code-level helpers – Constructs that can be applied to small parts of your code-base, such as an individual algorithms or data structure […]

[soft skills] A different approach to brainstorming

  Reverse brainstorming Reverse brainstorming helps you to solve problems by combining brainstorming and reversal techniques. Combining these you might be able to extend your brainstorming usage drawing out even more creative ideas. In order to use this technique you might start with one of two reverse questions: instead of asking: “how do I solve/prevent this problem?” ask: […]

Spotify’ way of work

Hi! This is not new, but it’s an amazing demonstration through 2 videos on how is Spotify engineering culture, including how they manage Agile development at scale. rules are a good start, then break them when needed. Grab a coffee and enjoy this simple (not simplistic), motivational and brilliant way of work.